Tree/Hedge Trimming & Removal

The Magni Landscaping Advantage

We know trees and hedges, well. Whether it is large tree and stump removal or monthly trimming and pruning of unruly bushes and hedges, native grasses, etc. Magni Landscapes will get the job done on any and all of your Tree & Hedge projects.

Don’t wait for a dying tree to come down on its own and take part of your roof with it. 

Branches and roots disrupting the foundation of your home? Staying proactive is our best advice for tree, branch, root and stump removal.

Worried about septic back-up due to root interference? Just have a few shrubs and plants that need a little TLC? We can easily and effectively tackle all of the above and recommend optimal watering, trimming and pruning techniques.  

Working Process

  • 1. Consultation
  • 2. Project Proposal
  • 3. Completion
  • 4. Maintenane (as needed)

Service Features: