Landscape Management

The Magni Landscaping Advantage

You are unique, why not opt for a landscape which reflects your own personality? Our Landscape Management Services encompass the full spectrum of our services from initial design, construction and clean-up to weekly, biweekly or monthly maintenance depending on the needs of your one-of-a-kind yard. 

Manged landscaping services do include on-going yard maintenance; you are not obligated to our Landscaping Construction services and we are happy to customize the right fit for your own budget and desires.   

Naturally, an authentic grass lawn full of flowering plants and shrubs will require more maintenance compared to a traditional Desert Xeriscape and we are here to guide you throughout this process and choose the most efficient landscape build and maintain option for your own possibly eccentric landscaping needs.  

Working Process

  • 1. Consultation
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Build
  • 4. Maintenance

Practical Tips: Do you want to plant a vegetable garden? An herb garden? A flower garden? If you choose vegetables and/or herbs for their contributions to your dinner table, identify which ones your family will eat or is willing to try. If you want flowers for their flair, color, and fragrance, decide whether you want annuals that bloom most of the summer but need to be replanted each spring or perennials that have a shorter bloom time but return year after year.

Service Features: